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Blogger for Word – Cool Tool

Posted by Luminus on November 11, 2005

I just downloaded and installed a copy of Blogger for Word (mostly for the heck of it, because I can) and decided to test it out. It’s actually a pretty nifty tool. It saves you a lot of hassles when you need to get a post out on your blog ASAP. I’m actually quite pleased with the way it handles.

I’ll probably be using it more often as sometimes I get a brainwave and feel like I should share it on my blog and blogging in the browser window is risky ‘cos right now, I’m working out of a client’s office and they like to see you work to justify the bucks they’re shelling out. An open browser window is not an indication of you doing their job, even if you’re searching a forum for solutions to their problems. Ahh! I’ll definitely stick to this one.


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