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Alamieyeseigha Escapes

Posted by Luminus on November 21, 2005

Sweet Jesus,
As at the time of this post, this story is still unconfirmed. It’s purely speculations and li’l pockets of gist that I picked up while I was at lunch today at the Brass LNG cafeteria where I had gone to sort out a minor bug that had developed with the Bespoke Software I had built for their Contracts & Procurements department.

I was sweating like crazy because for some reason, they’d had a power outage all morning and their main generator had some issues that the engineers were trying to resolve, hence there was no cold water from the dispenser, the espresso machine was off, all airconditioners were down and all printers and xerox machines were offline. T’was just the IT Generator that was working so there was power to run the PC’s and of course the Central Server.

Anyway, back to my story, as I sat savouring my three course meal of Chicken Pepper Soup and Garlic Bread for starters, Some kinda rice (I have no idea what it’s called) with sweet corn, mushrooms, beef and chicken as the main dish wiv a bottle of Sprite to boot and Vanilla Ice-Cream for desert, I heard that the embattled Bayelsa State Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha had escaped and was back in the country, rumour has it that he disguised and stowed away aboard a cargo ship. Rumour also has it that he has returned to Bayelsa State where he has taken over the helms of affairs and that he even addressed a news conference an hour or so ago. The major school of thought at the dining room was that it was an error for him to have been granted bail as that is what facilitated his getaway.

These are all sketchy details, as soon as I wrapped up lunch, I headed straight for the PC I had been working on to fix the problem with the software, which incidentally had been as a result of one of the members of staff deleting a record they shouldn’t have. I searched all the major news sites and search engines for news corroborating this story but came up with zilch.

If this story is true, international news organizations like CNN may not have heard about it because of the scandal it would bring to the British Security and Judicial Systems respectively and back here in Nigeria you can be sure that it’ll take a while for it to come on TV and even longer for it to appear on the Web as updates to the sites of the few news papers that have websites are often late.

I hate to wonder the kind of image that would be projected of the general nigerian public, especially if he’s allowed to finish off his tenure in office. The effects would be far reaching and it may do more to mar the already blighted image of Nigeria and Nigerians whether resident in Nigeria or in diaspora.

God help us!!!!


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