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Alamieyeseigha – Master of Deception

Posted by Luminus on November 22, 2005

This is practically the stuff that movie scripts are made of. A man of the size (being as big as he is) and stature of Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha smuggled himself or was smuggled (pick whichever sounds better) out of the UK disguised as a woman and wove an intriguing web of hide and seek plus whodunnit of how he managed to evade the British Security and get into Nigeria.

There are quite a number of different versions to the story that it is hard to ascertain which is true. One says he was helped by Isreali Security operatives, another says he was helped by a certain Ijaw man who according to another story may have been arrested in the UK, yet another says the plan was hatched by at least 4 of his trusted aides who employed a British Security Outfit.

Here is a picture of what he was said to have looked like dressed up as a woman. Can you beat that. For detailed stories you could chek out this news item on the This Day website and this one on the Sun Website.

Whichever way it happened, the only things that are sure is that he is back in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State Capital, he’s back in charge of the affairs of the state and the people of Bayelsa are jubilant and happy, how come? – Beats me. I would’ve thought they’d be the last people interested in seeing him after realising that he’d been pilfering their money in no small measure, but then again, what do I know, I know nothing of the intrigues and the politics behind the entire “Movie”, as I’d like to refer to the whole Alamieyeseigha Saga from inception, so I have no idea what thoughts and plots are going through the minds of bayelsans as I write this post.

All I can say is that, Bayelsa and Nigeria at large ar in God’s hands ‘cos I can’t, no, I’d rather not imagine what’ll happen in the aftermath of this. I just hope we don’t see a spate of assassinations or assassination attempts in a few weeks.

God help us.


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