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Sex change saves prostitute from caning

Posted by Luminus on January 23, 2006

A Thai prostitute escaped caning for drug dealing in Singapore after a doctor established that the accused, who was identified in a passport as a man, had undergone a sex change, the Straits Times reported on Friday.Singapore’s drug laws, which include the death penalty for possession of certain amounts of drugs, provide for different punishments for males and females.

While male offenders can be punished with up to 15 strokes of the rattan cane for drug-related offences, female offenders are exempt from caning.

The Straits Times said Mongkon Pusuwan’s fate had been uncertain for weeks while the court waited for a medical report, which ultimately confirmed that the 37-year-old was a woman following a sex change operation undergone 10 years ago.

The Thai national was arrested close to the city-state’s upscale Orchard Road shopping district last December and charged with trafficking 1.52 grammes of cocaine and 2.5 grammes of ketamine.

Can you beat that. What a country to live in if you’re a criminal. So 15 Strokes of cane is supposed to be punishment for such a heinous crime, Lord have mercy. What exactly is that supposed to teach you.

I know for a fact that if that was the punishment for drug trafficking in Nigeria, practically everybody would be doing it seeing as most high school kids have learnt to be impervious to caning since about age 12.

3 Responses to “Sex change saves prostitute from caning”

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  3. packer said

    You’ve obviously never seen or met anyone who’s been caned (flogged). It’s not pretty. It’s not a little slap on the wrist. They have someone take a ratan cane (about and inch or more thick) and haul off and wallop you. Usually after 3 or 4 strikes the person is bleeding heavily and many times has broken ribs etc…

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