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PetsMart’s PetsHotel gives humans plenty to be jealous about

Posted by Luminus on January 27, 2006

Imagine a hotel that caters to your every need — even if your needs include frequent TLC, three daily meals the way you like them, free DVDs and a daily dose of lactose-free ice cream.The only difference is that this hotel does not cater to people, but rather to an eager clientele of four-legged friends.

Yep, that’s right. Cats and dogs are honored guests at the PetsHotel in PetsMart Fremont Hub, which opened last month. This is the 33rd PetsHotel in the nation and the first in Northern California. The hotel accommodates all “guests,” whether they are 4-pound toy poodles, 150-pound Newfoundland dogs, or reserved tuxedo cats.

One of the few national chains of its kind, PetsHotel offers to take care of your pets in an environment that mirrors the special treatment you give them at home, according to Aubrey Charland, assistant general manager of the hotel.

“Here, your pets are loved and treated just like they would be at home,” says Charland. “This is a safe and secure place where you know your pet is being cared for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Care includes an on-call veterinarian, safety-trained specialists, and a “spa” that offers cuts, shampoos and manicures.

The hotel’s cat wing features individual “kitty cottages,” complete with a hypo-allergenic sheepskin blanket, fresh litter, daily meals, and a half-hour of TLC time where your cat is petted and loved by a pet care specialist. On every condo door, a “pawgress” report can be found that states the animal’s special dietary needs or personality traits.

The dog wing of the hotel features two housing options — a dog atrium, where dogs can be linked to adjoining atriums if they are from the same family, or a swanky personal “suite” complete with a “poochy cot” and a color TV showing doggie-friendly movies such as “Milo and Otis.”
If Fido feels lonely, or misses “mommy and daddy,” he can even make a call with the “Bone Booth” speakerphone and hear their loving voices.

“Our guests love the Bone Booth,” says Charland, who helps place the calls to nostalgic owners. “The animals really recognize their parents’ voices and go crazy when they hear them.”

The PetsHotel is not limited to overnight stays by furry guests — it also offers “Day Camp” for dogs, so owners can drop off their pets for the day to mingle and make friends in a playtime setting. Playrooms are even customized for certain-sized dogs — you won’t find a Chihuahua and an akita building a friendship.

Guests are background-checked to make sure they’ve had their vaccinations, and non-neutered and unspayed animals are rarely allowed in the presence of other animals.

Flat fees are charged for overnight stays, $14 per cat and $23 per dog, but add-on package options also are available.

The “Bizzy Bundle” — which includes a lactose-free ice cream treat, a special chew toy covered in peanut butter, and dog-on-dog group playtime for $8 — has been the most popular option for your canine loved one.

So while Fido and Socks’ parents are vacationing at the Ritz-Carlton Paris, they can rest assured that their pets are being pampered at PetsHotel. The animals may not be getting champagne and caviar, but PetsHotel’s clientele will sure keep barking for the biscuits.


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