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Happy Post Humous Birthday (Bob Marley)

Posted by Luminus on February 6, 2006

Bob Marley (1945-1981), Jamaican singer, guitarist, and songwriter, a pioneer of reggae music. Considered one of the greatest artists of the genre, he was the first reggae performer to achieve significant international stardom.

Robert Nesta Marley was born in Rhoden Hall, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica. Marley was learning the welding trade in Kingston when he formed his first band, the Rudeboys, in 1961. The group later became known as the Wailers. The band also included musicians Bunny Livingston and Peter Tosh, both of whom later embarked on successful solo careers.

The early recordings by the Wailers were in a style called ska, a hybrid of American rhythm and blues and Jamaican mento (a genre that combines African-related folk music traditions with calypso). By the mid-1960s, rock steady, a mellower version of ska that placed more emphasis on vocals, became the most popular form of Jamaican music. Rock steady and traditional mento rhythms then combined to form reggae. By the late 1960s Marley and the Wailers had emerged as one of the leading reggae groups in Jamaica.

In 1967 Marley converted from Christianity to Rastafarianism, a religion that has had a profound influence on reggae music. The Rastafarian movement of this period, among other beliefs, recognized Haile Selassie I, king of Ethiopia, as the living God; praised the spiritual effects of marijuana; and endorsed black racial superiority. Influenced by the Rastafarian movement, Marley’s music contains elements of spiritualism and mysticism. Some songs call for personal freedom through revolution, while others embrace carefree attitudes toward life or convey stories of love.


2 Responses to “Happy Post Humous Birthday (Bob Marley)”

  1. Was a real great man.

  2. Luminus said

    You can say that again

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