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9 Faces – Find ’em

Posted by Luminus on February 13, 2006

There are 9 faces in this picture. Let’s see if you can spot them all. Drop a comment and let me know how many you found.

Can you find all 9 faces?

Hint: Open Your Eyes 🙂

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9 Responses to “9 Faces – Find ’em”

  1. fchuki said

    I saw nine

  2. fchuki said

    not counting the dog

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  4. […] In particular check out this post – 9 Faces – Find ‘em – where you have to locate nine faces within a painting. […]

  5. JBagley said

    Could only find 6. Is the dog a face? no way….

  6. Markus said

    just found 6, still watching 😉

  7. mustapha said

    i saw eight faces.

  8. Judy said

    I would like to use this for a training I am doing but I can only find 7 faces – can you tell me what I am missing?

    1. woman
    2. baby
    3. man in hat
    4. large face in middle
    5. face in clouds to left of blackbird
    6. profile under blackbird
    7. Profile on right above pillar

    Let me know!

  9. CP said

    I see 8 (not counting the baby and dog)
    1) the big one
    2) the old man
    3) the woman holding the child
    4) On right above pillar looking right
    5) On right of bird looking at it eye level
    6) On right of perch looking to the left right at perch (right below #5)
    7) Looking at perch from the other side (on L looking R in profile)
    8) Left of perch looking straight ahead
    9) ???

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