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Happy Valentine’s Day (or Not)

Posted by Luminus on February 14, 2006

It’s St. Valentine’s Day and here I am stuck at work. I can only reach my miss (soon to be Missus…in a couple of years) on the phone and you know how that doesn’t cut it. To make matters worse, it rained heavily today and I’m feeling a li’l cold and lonely, there’s no one to snuggle up to, even my sisters don’t have my time right now.

Oh! Whatever will I do. Oh! Well, you win some and you lose some.

Hmmm… just got a bright idea. Serenade the miss on the phone and have a Tele-dinner, only there are no video-conferenceing services so there’ll be no visuals, but what the heck, nothing can beat the imagination (at least not mine).

Y’all have a cheery Valentine’s Day ok, and the fact that it rained is no excuse for you to knock her up. Ya Heard!!!.

Nuff luv.

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