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Front Desk Officer, Graphic Designer, Photographer

Posted by Luminus on February 21, 2006

A fast growing small business with a south west branch network requires the services of the following Key personnel.

Front Desk Officer
Graphic Designer
(knowledge of Digital Photography is an advantage)

Job Requirements
The Front desk officer would have an amiable and nice personality and a good presence. Good interpersonal skills and ability to work with varous type of people are requirements.Flexibility of Job is also an important consideration.

The Graphic Designer shall be one with a creative eye and should be proficient with modern graphic design tools like adobe photoshop and other softwares including Picture editing softwares andan ability to keep up with the trends and learn very fast.

The Photographer is expected to have an interest in photography with some experience in either conventional or digital photography. The job function would require a lot of work with Digital cameras and a working knowledge of photo studios is an advantage. Mobility and flexibility is also required.

The desired applicants should be at least holders of the OND degree, and are willing to work in an entreprenuerial environment with high prospects for growth. The emphasis is on the adventurous, interesting, creative and unconventional work environment. An ability to learn on the job very fast is a requirement as against experience. Post NYSC degree holders are also eligible.

Forward a copy of your CV containg full contact information to

Good Luck!

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One Response to “Front Desk Officer, Graphic Designer, Photographer”

  1. Abolade Fausiat said

    I will like to be shortlisted.

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