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Office Games

Posted by Luminus on February 24, 2006

Here’s a neat trick you can play on your mates in the office.

Death By Desktop

Players : 1
Required : Access to your colleagues computers for 3-5minutes.
Potential Pain Rating : 4/5.

When your colleague steps away from their desk, take a screenshot of their desktop. Save this using paint or any other photo editing software.

Set this as their desktop wallpaper and turn off desktop icons (right click desktop -> arrange icons by -> show desktop icons). This will create the illusion of the icons being there, but they are impossible to click.

Depending on the awareness of the user, this can (and has) lead to a format.

Just don’t try it on the MD or anyone in upper management unless you’re looking to lose your job. Then again, if you’re in the IT Department and you’re a li’l jobless, you could try it on the MD (assuming that you’re sure he’ll call you if his PC has issues), to increase your relevance.

Just a silly thought 😉

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One Response to “Office Games”

  1. Boso said

    Interesting. I did a search for Nigerian wallpaper, and got this postr as the 3rd entry…

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