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Are You fed Up With PHCN (NEPA)?

Posted by Luminus on March 8, 2006

Hello people,

Here’s something that came in my email. I just thought I ought to share it. Let’s show *some* sense of solidarity and help stage this peaceful protest. PHCN’s continued bungled service (or lack there of) is one of the key factors affecting development in Nigeria.

Everything requires power to run. It’s hard to bring in foreign investments when power supply is sketchy at best. Telcos can’t lower their tariffs because they have to spend a fortune running generators at mast sites (even though they still make a killing). I could go on and on but I guess you get the point.

Even though we’re not well known for our solidarity, this’d be a good opportunity to prove cynics (like me) wrong. Don’t think of it as just another meaningless rally or protest that’ll bring zero results, else, that’s just what we’ll get.

Enough with the preaching already you say? Ok, Ok, I’ll let you read in peace.

Dear Fellow Nigerians,

This is to inform you of a planned protest against the services of Power Holding Company of Nigeria (alias NEPA) billed for 15 March 2005.

The plan is for us all to come out in ALL BLACK ATTIRE on WEDNESDAY 15 MARCH 2006 to express our dissatisfaction with the services of PHCN and the rude and arbitrary attitude of their staff. We are to go about our duties on that day but WEAR ALL BLACK ATTIRE.

Nigerians are dying from exhaust fumes of generators; we are all becoming nervous wrecks from lack of good sleep at night due to the cacophony of noise from generators in all our neighbourhoods. We have had enough and we demand that the authorities do something immediate about this.

Even if you live in the few privileged neighbourhoods where you can afford sound proof generators please identify with the suffering millions of Nigerians who cannot afford a generator and yet have to put up in their hot and humid rooms/shacks and lie awake all night because of the noise of generators in their neighbourhoods.

We cannot even begin to quantify the economic loss that is brought about by PHCN’s non performance. The extra cost of fuelling generators, employees who have to go to work after a restless and noisy night and cannot perform optimally, buildings and equipment which have been burnt or destroyed by power fluctuations………

The Managing Director of PHCN should resign as he has shown total incapability to manage the affairs of the company for productivity.

Wednesday 15 March is tagged BLACK DAY to bemoan PHCN (NEPA). It is only the first in a planned series of protests against the dismal service (or lack of it) that we get from PHCN and their extortionist habit of giving fixed bills every month whether they supply light or not. PHCN revenue must be commensurate with services rendered to the people.


Please forward this mail to all your friends in Nigeria.


Fed up with PHCN vanguard

NB: if you have had any frustrating interaction with PHCN officials; demands for bribes and request for contributions to buy transformers …… you could forward the information and names of the concerned officials to we shall circulate it and endeavour to send it to PHCN head office and copy EFCC.

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3 Responses to “Are You fed Up With PHCN (NEPA)?”

  1. Boso said

    Nice one !! But will a protest actually acheive anything?

  2. Luminus said

    Maybe, then again maybe not, but we’ll never know until we try. My take on it is that if we can generate enough media frenzy about this, get respected media houses to do stories about it, get nigerian bloggers every where to make noise about it, there might be an improvement, because they’ll be trying to stave off bad press.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s just the way I see it.

  3. Okechukwu said

    NEPA/PHCN whatever you call it, is the main problem in Nigeria. We should protest everyday not just for a day. Electricity is the power behind any economic development, Nigeria is highly under developed because of the inefficiency, inefficacy, inability for PHCN employess to do their work the they should. They supply no electricity and they bill on estimation for o reason just because they can not be sued.

    People should be allowed to sue the hell out of PHCN. If I have my way PHCN should be scrapped entirely or made to be like Nitel. Monopoly is not good. The bulk of the payment for PHCN come from South East and something has to be done about it.

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