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Mother-in-law woes

Posted by Luminus on March 8, 2006

It is a known fact that daughters-in-law have problems with their mother-in-law (not all anyway). Anyway… One day the daughters-in-law all got together and decided to apologise to their mothers-in-law for everything they had supposedly done wrong.

A week later the daughters-in-law decided to take their families (including their mothers-in-law) on a picnic. The mothers-in-law were all in one bus, which was the first to leave. On the way, their bus had an accident and all the mothers-on-law died.

The daughters-in-law were devastated but one in particular was more heart broken than the rest. Everyone tried to console her by telling her that at least her mother-in-law had died without any tension between them. But still she cried.
Eventually when she was calm enough to speak the other women asked her: “Why are you crying so much? Was your mother-in-law that special?” The woman now sobbing uncontrollably replied:

“No, she missed the bus!”

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2 Responses to “Mother-in-law woes”

  1. Boso said

    LOL !! Good one !!

  2. Tara said

    Do you have a monster-in-law? Are your in-laws driving you nuts? We dare you to tell your monster-in-law horror stories! Do you want to tell them to back off without hurting their feelings?

    Please send us your story

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