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Opportunity for Male Corpers posted to Lagos

Posted by Luminus on March 13, 2006

Male corpers posted to lagos are needed urgently at Pensions Alliance Limited (PAL), The corpers must be posted to lagos, as their letters will be checked.

Here’s the address and other contact details of their Head Office:

Bull Plaza (7th Floor)
38/39 Marina,
Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: 234-1-2667110, 234-1-2667710 , 234-1-2667177, 234-1-2667553
Fax: 234-1-2662002

I presume that you are supposed to go to their office with your letter of posting as well as copies of your credentials. You may want to call their office and confirm the required procedures. Please do not send them emails with your CV or anything else in them unless you are specifically asked to

Good Luck!

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