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Posted by Luminus on March 20, 2006

MTN has a couple of openings, to find out the job description and requirements for the job you’re interested in, just click the details link beside it. To apply you’re going to have to register on their website and fill in the details of your CV
Performance Manager     details
National Switch Manager     details
NMC Engineer     details
Senior Manager, Process Audit     details
Senior Manager, Systems Audit     details
Data Transcript Engineer     details
Power Planning and Optimisation Manager     details
Senior Manager, Network Services     details
RF Technical Manager     details
IN Prepaid Specialist     details
Special Projects Manager     details
Data Comms Services Specialist (IP/MPLS)     details
Data Comms Services Specialist (GPRS & Overlay Data )     details
Tele-Traffic Analyst     details
SHE Manager     details
Pre – paid Agent     details
Switch Operations Engineer – (Abuja)     details
Transmission Planning Engineer – (Lagos)     details
Transmission Planning Engineer – (Kano)     details
OSS Engineer     details
LAN Support Engineer     details

Good Luck!

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6 Responses to “Careers@MTN”

  1. san said

    Hi really like contents in ur site.

  2. ona said

    hi olumide;
    was using google to search for vancies and i bumped into ur blog, i must say u r doing a great job,Godbless you for this selfless service.pls contact me if u can. take care


  3. Sani Salif said

    this is really a great thing you are doing, please keep it up to save some lives. You are one in millions.

  4. page said

    yes i absolutely agree with ona……………..u re an angel Olumide….and i bet God will bless u abundantlly

  5. Olumide said

    Good ands brilliant ideas to help millions of Nigeriana both home and in diaspora. Keep it up.

  6. Lab said

    Hi, was jus wondering. Aren’t there vacancies for management trainees.

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