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Solar Eclipse, what a beauty

Posted by Luminus on March 29, 2006

Today, for the first time in my life, I witnessed a Solar Eclipse. Boy was it awesaome. My only regret is that I don't own a DigiCam and as a result couldn't take any pictures. It was totally awe inspiring and an opportunity for the family to bond.

You should've been there, some of the neighbours ran out of their bathrooms with just towels on to catch a glimpse of the eclipse as it had been announced previously. All the dogs were barking like crazy.

Here in Lagos, the eclipse was not exactly total as we could still see clearly, it was just a li'l dark but in other parts of the country, Abeokuta for example, it was total, everywhere was pitch black.

I hope I see one of these again before my time on this earth is done. Now I need to book an appointment for a Lunar Eclipse, that ought to be very cool.

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2 Responses to “Solar Eclipse, what a beauty”

  1. Seun Osewa said

    The pictures are available here

  2. bisola o said

    seeing the eclipse was an awesome experience. i have some pictures too but the effects eould have been limited due to the fact that i was also in lagos and the effect was partial

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