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Patsi Krakoff Blog Boost

Posted by Luminus on March 31, 2006

I am a member of the LinkedInBloggers yahoo group located at and each week we are focusing on promoting a random member's blog.

The LinkedInBloggers Yahoo! Group is a place for LinkedIn members that run blogs to hang out and share information concerning blogs and blogging.

Basically what should happen is that the blog of the week will see a surge of traffic as a result of all the extra press they're getting as a result of being "boosted".

Interestingly, this blog was the Second blog to be boosted and I never got around to doing a post about it. I want to thank Dennis D. McDonald, Dave Taylor, Des Walsh and Robyn Tippins, the moderators of the group for such a fine concept and all the hard work that they put into it. I'd also like to thank all the other bloggers that participated in the blog boost, they're the reason I got so many visits.

My Blog Boost experience was a blast, I had traffic coming from all parts of the world on account of the alredy established Bloggers that linked to my blog. I am indeed grateful.

Dr. Patsi Krakoff

Enough about that though, this week's blog is The CoachEzines Blog, authored by Patsi Krakoff, that's Dr. Patsi to you (just kidding). She's a a coach & psychologist with a specialty in writing articles, newsletters, blogs and ezines for professional coaches and consultants.

The target audience for her blog consists of coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, and other professionals who need a newsletter or ezine to stay in touch with clients. It has somewhat expanded to include other topics such as blogs, and writing web copy.

She's got lot's of useful information there so why don't you pop over and see for yourself.

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2 Responses to “Patsi Krakoff Blog Boost”

  1. Thanks for all your posting.I found this site accidentally and ever since, I have never got online without opening your site. There are a whole lot of vacancies that don’t come up on your website but I think you are ok;but can do better.

    Anyway, thanks once more for your effort.

  2. Monarch said

    The topics and contents are fascinating. I would like to share something special from the US Virgin Islands with you. I think you would find out that there are many close cultural resemblances between Nigeria The US Virgin Islands and the Caribbean in general. I would like to if you would be so inclined to share some of these entities with you.

    Thanks blog family

    James PG Wakefield “MonarcH”

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