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Some Holy Humour

Posted by Luminus on May 31, 2006

There was a feud between the Pastor and the Choir Director of The Hicksville Southern Baptist Church. It seems the first hint of Trouble came when the Pastor preached on "dedicating yourselves to service" and the Choir Director chose to sing: "I Shall Not Be Moved."

Trying to believe it was a coincidence; the Pastor put the incident behind him. The next Sunday he preached on "Giving". Afterwards, The choir squirmed as the director led them in the hymn: "Jesus Paid It All."

By this time, the Pastor was losing his temper. Sunday morning attendance swelled as the tension between the two built. A large crowd showed up the next week to hear his sermon on "the sin of gossiping". Would you believe the Choir Director selected: "I Love To Tell the Story."

There was no turning back. The following Sunday the Pastor told the congregation that unless something changed he was considering resignation. The entire church gasped when the Choir Director led them in: "Why Not Tonight."

Truthfully, no one was surprised when the Pastor resigned a week later; explaining that Jesus had led him there and Jesus was leading him away. The Choir Director could not resist: "What a Friend We Have in Jesus."

Have a swell day y'all

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You’re never too old to chase your dreams

Posted by Luminus on May 30, 2006

Feel too old…too broke…too tired…to chase your dream? Maybe you just need a role model.
Inspire yourself here.

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Want Twins, Drink Milk

Posted by Luminus on May 26, 2006

According to a study published in the Journal of
Reproductive Medicine
  mothers who drink milk are more liable to have twins. It also suggests that animal-product foodstuffs, especially dairy foods,
i.e. Milk and Milk products, can increase the chance of releasing during ovulation more than one egg, which
could lead to a double fertilization.

Find out more about that here

This reminds me of a friend I had in school who said she wants 6 kids and wants to go through birthing only twice, so in effect she wants Triplets Twice. Thanks God it was a woman that said that. Where I come from, in this day and age of Feminism and Gender Equality, if a man suggested that to his wife, she’s suggest he carry the pregnancies and we’d be hearing more about the Herstory of Huwonanity.

So, If you have a friend or relative who’s looking to have a set of twins, think Milk.

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Invisibility, a distict possibility

Posted by Luminus on May 26, 2006

Invisible Man, Harry's Potter invisible cloak and everything that is related to invisibility, might be very reachable. Why? Because this is what the latest "science-news"say.

Imagine being able to put on a cloak and disappear, all Harry Potter fans know what I'm talking about. That'd be cool for sneaky pranks, except that's not what it'd be used for. More like, bank robbery, assassinations and the likes, what is the world coming to.

It seems to me that everythin gyou invent for a good reason has 10 times more criminal / evil uses that readily come to mind.

What is the world turning to. Check out the this link for more detail.

Lemme know what you think.

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MyChi(TM) – Apparell for Athletic Enhancement

Posted by Luminus on May 26, 2006

A new line of clothing and accessories that provides acupuncture and
acupressure to specific points across the body was reported by .
This just-recently patented line of clothing developed by the New York
College of Health Professions will be used in sports to enhance an
athlete’s performance and “can also be used to reduce motion sickness,
help in weight reduction and assist in smoking cessation” says Donald
Spector, Chairman of Trustees of New York College of Health Professions
and a well-known inventor.

“Imagine it’s the ninth inning, the score tied, you are one
run up but bases are loaded with no outs. I wouldn’t want to be the
pitcher,” says Lisa Pamintuan, who years ago played at Wimbledon and
the U.S. Open and is now President of New York College, the 25-year-old
pioneering institution of Holistic Health (
“However, hopefully, our baseball cap will make situations like this a
little easier. All athletes look for ways to enhance their performance,
whether on the field or the tennis court. I wish I had worn this line
of clothing when I was playing at Wimbledon as a 16-year-old. I would
have been able to press the acupressure points in the clothing, like my
sweatbands, and I would have been able to be either energized when I
was tired, or relaxed when it was a tight match.”…

Since Acupressure is also good for relieving pain this
product will be great for the weekend warrior as well as the
professional athlete. Whether addressing young athletes or seniors this
line will have broad usage. The College also sees the line extending to
recreational sports such as golf which opens the market to brands like
Polo, Sean John, Calvin Klein and department store and mass
merchandiser brands…

The College will launch this new line of clothing and accessories under the brand name MyChi(TM)..

Check out the press release here

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7 Weeks To A Happier Life

Posted by Luminus on May 26, 2006

I got this in my email, it’s so so true. I hope it bleses y’all

Life is usually what we make it. Wait a minute — did I say “make it”? I know, I know, the conventional theory is that “life happens” — um, yeah, I cleaned that up a bit.

And while there are things that none of us can control — weather, economy, construction crews, other people — there are many things that you are in charge of. These are the things that help you lead a happier life. Put one into place in the SPECIFICS of your life, and at the end of 7 weeks you’ll have a happier, easier, better life than ever before.

1. Choose Consciously: Make an effort to decide that YOU choose how to spend your time, money, energy, and spirit. As long as you accept the consequences, and make the choice with your eyes open, you’ll feel more in control. Consciously choosing your TV time, or surfing time, is a lot different than just realizing you spent 4 hours clicking channels. Ask yourself, “I have from 7 pm until bedtime. How do I want to spend that time?”

2. Set Priorities. If the annoyances of life are living your life for you, you’re never going to win the foot- race of life. You’ll simply run out of time, devoting it to things that you chose in the moment, instead of what you really wanted the most. Don’t put what you want right now above what you really want in the long run. Ask yourself, “Self, I have raised my standard to not buy anything else on credit. But I really want this outfit for my meeting next week. What’s more important to me?”

3. Nurture It: Protect It: What you focus on in your life will flourish If you focus on problems, and lack, and hatred, and guilt, and self doubt, that’s what you’ll find growing in your garden of life. Instead plant seeds of change, conviction, courage, and choice. No, it’s not just about thinking positive thoughts — but it’s a heck of a good place to start!

4. Be Consistent. Anything that you do consistently, day after day, week after week, adds up. Good results or bad results are the product of repeating the same behavior over and over. If you consistently save, you’ll have money in the bank; if you consistently over-spend, you’ll be in debt. Choose what you want, and take one small step, consistently day after day, and see what happens.

5. Stop Reading, Start Doing: We live in an amazing world of information. Most people have access to more choices and information than they’ve ever had. Even our children are faced with decisions based on their broader ability to receive information. But. information without action is useless. Stop looking for a Quick Fix in the next book. Put the information you already have to work in your life. Ask yourself, “What can I do today to start to build up a reserve (of cash, of time, of food, of friends) that will help me live without fear?”

6. Stop Analyzing, Start Living. A lot of psycho- babble teaches us that we need to know the “why” about our behavior before we can address it. And the “why” can sometimes help correct a problem, or give you a reason for your action.. But most of what we all do on a daily basis is not the product of some deep dark psychological reason. It’s habit. Change your habits, and you’ll change your life. Change your attitude and you’ll change your life. Change your environment and you’ll change your life. Ask yourself, “What habit is the biggest obstacle to achieving my goals?”

7. Ask For What You Want. It’s time to stop expecting other people to read your mind. Think about how frustrating it is for you when someone expects you to know what they are thinking. It’s just a set up for failure. Be willing to ask concisely, pleasantly, and honestly for what you want and need in your life. Ask yourself, “Do I expect people in my life to ‘justknow’ what I need and want? Am I able to do that for other people on a 99% correct basis? No! So I will respect others by telling them what I need, and asking them to tell me as well.”

And above all, read and meditate on the WORD OF GOD for your spiritual growth and don’t forget to cap it up with PRAYERS.

I already got myself started on this so ask me where i’m at in 7 weeks and I’ll be glad to share with you.

Have a lovely day and a splendid weekend!

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The Definition of Success

Posted by Luminus on May 24, 2006

This, according to a man whom I know not but would not hesitate to call my friend is the definition of success.

To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to leave the world a little better; whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is the meaning of success.

Dipo Tepede

Check out this post that led me to this open secret here

This has become for me like a light at the end of the tunnel, forever altering my perspective on even trivial everyday issues.

I ask God for the grace to live a life that's true to this creed. A life of love.

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Scientists harness the power of pee

Posted by Luminus on May 24, 2006

pee power A urine powered battery the size of a credit card has been invented by Singapore researchers.

A drop of urine generates 1.5 volts, the equivalent of one AA battery, says Dr Ki Bang Lee of the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology.

He says the technology could provide a disposable power source for electronic diagnostic devices that test urine and other body fluids for diseases like diabetes.

These currently need lithium batteries or external power sources. But with this system, the body fluid being tested could power the unit itself.

Lee, who reports the new battery in the latest Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, says a smaller version could potentially power mobile phones in emergencies.

How does it work ?
The battery is made of a layer of filter paper steeped in copper chloride sandwiched between strips of magnesium and copper, then laminated in plastic.

It's activated when a drop of urine is placed on the battery. The urine soaks through the paper providing the necessary conditions to generate electricity.

The magnesium acts as the battery's anode, shedding its electrons, while the copper chloride acts as the cathode, gathering them up.

This electron flow delivers power greater than 1.5 milliwatts, the researchers say.

CSIRO research physicist Dr Cathy Foley says the research is important because it raises the possibility of having a self-powered device.

She says the technology could be used in what are known as biomicroelectromechanical systems, or bioMEMS.

Examples of bioMEMs include nanomachines that seek out and destroy cancer cells or cholesterol, or DNA chips with DNA as electronic components.

The technology could also be used to power drug-testing kits, she says.

Foley says the concept could work using any body fluid including semen, blood or tears, as long as the fluid isn't neutral at pH 7.

Urine, for instance, has a range of pH 4.5 to 8.0, according to the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia.

Is it practical?
Foley says the energy generated by the urine-powered battery would be enough to keep a digital wristwatch or a scientific calculator going, but anything bigger would be impractical.

"You could probably increase the power by having more of them and loading them up," she says.

"[For power on a large scale] you'd probably have to coat the whole of Australia in this paper-based electrode and wee on it."

Now, this is a really cool one for people like me who can pee up to a whole gallon at once (don't I just wish). Charge my cell phone with urine? Whoa! now that's another good use for it other than wetting the flowers. 

Imagine thism there's an emergency, your cell phone battery is dead. What do you do? Take it out and pee on it, put it back a nd dial 911. Neat trick eh!

Now, if it could only power my laptop and all my other gizmos. 

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VW Vending Machine

Posted by Luminus on May 24, 2006

And you thought today's urban carparks required a tight turning radius.

uckily, in this one, it's robo-valet parking only. Actually, what you're looking at is a robot retrieval system for new cars at the VW plant in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Think of it as a VW vending machine. Let's just hope they don't let the cars plummet to the bottom of the machine when you select one. You know what that does to your Fritos, imagine what it'd do to your new 2006 Jetta.

When we go reach like this for Naija. This is tha shiznit. Talk about space management and technology taken to new heights.

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MIT poet develops ‘seeing machine’ for the blind

Posted by Luminus on May 24, 2006

An MIT poet has developed a small, relatively inexpensive "seeing machine" that can allow people who are blind, or visually challenged like her, to access the Internet, view the face of a friend, "previsit" unfamiliar buildings and more.

Recently the machine received positive feedback from 10 visually challenged people with a range of causes for their vision loss who tested it in a pilot clinical trial. The work was reported in Optometry, the Journal of the American Optometric Association, earlier this year.

The work is led by Elizabeth Goldring, a senior fellow at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies. She developed the machine over the last 10 years, in collaboration with more than 30 MIT students and some of her personal eye doctors. The new device costs about $4,000, low compared to the $100,000 price tag of its inspiration, a machine Goldring discovered through her eye doctor.


MIT affiliate Elizabeth Goldring Elizabeth Goldring, foreground, looks into 'seeing machine' to take a virtual tour of a gallery using a joystick. Her assistant, Jackie McConnell, is at right.

Goldring's adventures at the intersection of art and high technology began with a visit to her doctor, Lloyd Aiello, head of the Beetham Eye Institute of the Joslin Diabetes Center. At the time, Goldring was blind. (Surgeries have since restored vision in one eye).

To better examine her eyes, Aiello asked her to go to the Schepens Eye Research Institute at Harvard, where technicians peered into her eyes with a diagnostic device known as a scanning laser opthalmoscope, or SLO. With the machine they projected a simple image directly onto the retina of one eye, past the hemorrhages within the eye that contributed to her blindness. The idea was to determine whether she had any healthy retina left.

It turns out that she did, and was able to see the image — a stick figure of a turtle. But the turtle wasn't very interesting, Goldring said. So she asked if they could write the word "sun" and transmit that through the SLO. "And I could see it!" she said. "That was the first time in several months that I'd seen a word, and for a poet that's an incredible feeling."

Elizabeth Goldring ooks at an image she created to approximate what she sees when she looks through her seeing machine at an image of a staircase Elizabeth Goldring, a senior fellow at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies, looks at an image she created to approximate what she sees when she looks through her seeing machine at an image of a staircase.

She went on to use the device for many other visual experiences. For example, she developed a "visual language" consisting of short words that incorporate graphics and symbols that convey the meaning of words and make them easier to see and read.

But although the SLO held promise as more than a diagnostic device, it had serious drawbacks. In addition to the prohibitive cost, the SLO is large and bulky. Goldring determined to develop a more practical machine for the broader blind public.

She did so by collaborating over the past several years with Rob Webb, the machine's inventor and a senior scientist at the Schepens Eye Research Institute; Aiello; Dr. Jerry Cavallerano, an optometrist at Joslin; William Mitchell, former dean of MIT's School of Architecture and Planning and now a professor in the Program in Media Arts and Sciences; the late Steve Benton, an acclaimed optical physicist and MIT professor; and former MIT affiliate James Cain.

She has also worked with dozens of MIT graduate students and undergraduates, including Sylvia Gonzalez (S.B. 2003) and Shima Rayej (S.B. 2004), who helped design and construct the seeing machine.

"We essentially made the new machine from scratch," Goldring said. While still allowing the projection of images, video and more onto a person's retina, the new desktop device costs much less than its predecessor in part because it doesn't include the diagnostic feedback of the SLO. The new seeing machine also replaces the laser of the SLO with light-emitting diodes, another source of high-intensity light that is much cheaper. Like its inspiration, the seeing machine is designed to be used by one eye.

The pilot clinical trial of the seeing machine involved visually impaired people recruited from the Beetham Eye Institute. All participants had a visual acuity of 20/70 or less in the better-seeing eye. A person with 20/70 vision can see nothing smaller than the third line from the top of most eye charts. Most participants, however, had vision that was considered legally blind, meaning they could see nothing smaller than the "big E" on a standard eye chart.

With her weak eye, Goldring can distinguish between light and dark and she can see hand movement, although not individual fingers. She cannot recognize faces or read.

Subjects "had a wide range of cause for vision loss, including diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration (the fastest growing cause of blindness), and visual field loss," said Cavallerano, a coauthor of the paper and another of Goldring's doctors.

Participants used the machine to view 10 examples of Goldring's visual language. A majority — six — interpreted all 10 "word-images" correctly. "They responded really well to the visual language," Goldring said. "One woman told me she would love to see recipes written that way."

They also used the machine to navigate through a virtual environment, raising the potential for "previewing" unfamiliar buildings a person wants to visit.

Goldring explained that visually challenged people are often terrified of going to new places. "There's a fear of missing simple visual cues, steps and not being able to decipher elevator buttons." (She noted that less than 10 percent of the blind read Braille.) Further, bystanders who aim to help — "there are five steps there; it's the third door on the left" — are often wrong, especially people with good vision, Goldring said. "If you are visually challenged, if you see something once using the machine, you remember."

Participants explored the virtual environment — which represented the inside of an MIT building — via a joystick that allowed them to move forward, backward and sideways.

All of the participants reported that the machine "may have the potential to assist their mobility in unfamiliar environments," according to the Optometry article. Concluded Goldring: "A couple of them said they'd tried every seeing aid available (magnifying devices, etc.), and this was by far the best, even in this rough, rough shape."

Goldring and colleagues are now working toward a large-scale clinical trial of a color seeing machine (the device tested in the pilot trial was black and white). With the color version, participants can explore a museum gallery containing some of Goldring's art. When a person gets close enough to a piece, the work is explained in Goldring's voice.

This work was supported by NASA and by MIT's School of Architecture and Planning, Center for Advanced Visual Studies, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program and Council for the Arts.

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