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Came out of hibernation and got me a new job

Posted by Luminus on May 3, 2006

I've been so busy with work the last few weeks tidying so things because I was moving someplace else so I sorta went into e-hibernation. My e-life sorta just fizzled out. I only just resurfaced today.

I got me a new job with Ashar and I resumed today. We're working on a project sponsored by DFID to computerize the Judiciary in Nigeria and Lagos State Judiciary is the pilot project…sounds cool huh!!!!. I'm undergoing training for all of this week, really nifty stuff but I think I suffered information overload today, too much to learn, too little time and the consultant has to take a plane outta here en-route Moldova on Saturday.

I came online to find that I had 400 unread mail in my Gmail account because I hadn't checked it in a while. I have piles of replies to compile and send out. The good news though, apart from starting a new job is that I discovered this software called Zoundry that allows me post to my blog without having to go login. It's actually pretty nifty and I'm doing this post from inside it.

I'm considering setting up another blog and moving all the job related information to that one, keeping this one for my personal rantings, ravings and musings. Speaking about jobs, I'm really sorry that I haven;t been dishing out information as I should, the hectic schedule I was on made it practically impossible, what with me having tests all of this week and last and my finals coming up this Saturday, throw in the fact that I had to sort out a stack load of outstandings because I was moving. Sheesh, boy was I bogged down with work.

Hey, that's enough disjointed thoughts for one evening..

Y'all take care now and I hope I can do this more often and I'll keep y'all posted concerning the second blog, as soon as I get to it that is. :-).

Nuff luv,

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7 Responses to “Came out of hibernation and got me a new job”

  1. Boso said

    Hey, congrulations on the new job !!

  2. Luminus said

    Thanks M8

  3. Sam said

    man! congrats on d nu job. yr site has been helpful. my fiancee got a job from one of your postings. i am looking forward to a change of job too from one of your posts.

    thanks and keep it up!

  4. Luminus said

    Thanks for the comment man I reallly appreciate it. People like you make it worth all the heartache.

  5. ona said

    hello olumide;

    congratulations on your new job, hope we get a share of your first salary (she laughs), take care and all the best.


  6. Moyo said

    Lumi I am happy for you, you deserve the job. God bless and more challenging opportunities. Moyo

  7. Luminus said

    Ona, Moyo,
    Thanks girls. I appreciate. 😀

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