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Longest day ever

Posted by Luminus on May 5, 2006

Whoa! I had a really long day at work yesterday, didn't leave the High Court in Lagos Island until well after 10:30pm, got properly harassed the TBS security officials seeing as they had locked the gates at 10:00pm.

I was busy thinking how on earth I was going to get from Lagos Island to Egbeda at such an ungodly hour when I was offered a ride by our Moldovian consultant, who was shacked up in the Ikeja Sheraton Hotels and Towers. I gladly accepted and went with him as far as Maryland.

I spent a few minutes at Maryland, haggling over the fare and finally I found a guy decent enough not to try to fleece me like some JJC. Like I hadn't had enough issues already, somewhere in Ikeja, some half drunk, mile high coppers stopped the cab I was in and said they were doing a stop and search thingy.

I was asked to come down and then the idiot who stopped the cab asked for my ID, which I gave him. I new he just wanted money 'cos he proceeded to claim that I wasn't the one whose picture appeared on the ID. We dragged that for another 15 minutes before his boss intervened and sent me on my way, by which time it was 11:30pm.

The rest of the ride was ok I guess as there was no traffic, thought the cabbie was grumbling and trying to get a li'l something extra for his troubles.

I sure hope this don't happen everyday, in fact I'm gonna have to see to that. I have a life you know.

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One Response to “Longest day ever”

  1. Boso said

    Police harrasement, that’s definately something I don’t miss !!

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