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Who has the keys to the city

Posted by Luminus on May 9, 2006

As I sped of to work this morning aboard a commercial Motorbike, popularly known as Okada in these parts, this line just kept ringing in my head. “Keys! keys!! Who has the keys to the city”.

What prompted this thought you might ask, well let me tell you a tale, let me spin you a fine yarn of how our Little friend the key to the front door nearly got me a query this morning. It really made me think how we take too many things for granted.

It all started when I got home at 10:00pm last night to find that my cousin, who’s always home before me hadn’t returned. After a light dinner of fried yams and bean cakes (dundun and akara for those that know what I’m talking about), I decided that the thing to do was to wait up for him so his wife could get some shut eye. I mean, if I was the one who was out late, he’d do the same for me.

So, in order to stay awake, I hit the living room, turned on the air conditioning, turned off the lights and jacked up my cousin’s Xbox 360 with UEFA Champions League 2004 – 2005, to continue the season I had saved earlier. I was at this until about midnight when he returned.

Now, here’s the fun part. As he got out his car, smoke in hand, he left his bunch of keys in the space beneath the arm brake and locked the car up. We had a li’l chat and then everybody went to bed.

This morning at precisely 6:15 am, his wife who’s a Virgin Chick, picked up the baby and headed for work, she used her bunch of keys to lock the main door after her, assuming that the bunch of keys she saw on the dining table was her husbands bunch for the house, it in fact was the bunch for the other wing.

When I got ready to leave at a few minutes past 7, I approached the door with what unknown to me was a wrong bunch of keys and for upwards of 10 minutes attempted futilely to open the door. When I realized the dilemma I was in, I had to get my cousin and we started to devise a plan.

The keys we needed to get out of the house were in the car, which is outside of the house, what a blast. Luckily, the guard and his family were around, so we threw them the car keys, told them where to get the house keys and they passed them to me through a window in the kitchen, thus enabling me to open the door. By this time, it was 7:35 am and I had to be at work by 8:00 am.

It took 10 minutes to hit the bus-stop and the site of the traffic build up told me that a bus was a bad idea, not if I didn’t want a query. So, I approached the first bike I saw, told him I was going to the High Court in Ikeja and we started to haggle over the fare, he had the upper hand because I was pressed for time and it was obvious that I didn’t have much choice so I settled for a fare of =N= 200 at 7:45am.

Now, the bike in these parts is akin to a cab, albeit without the creature comforts of a decent and comfy seat and backrest and the li’l privilege of being able to catch a li’l extra shut eye till you arrive your destination, amidst all these cons, there is one pro, you can beat the bloody traffic.

Anyhow, 15 minutes later at exactly 8:00am I was at the office heaving a sigh of relief and putting myself in the right frame of mind for the days work.

I realized that I always took li’l things like keys for granted, but just imagine that there was no way to reach someone outside to help me get the keys, I’d have had to wait for the woman of the house to get back form work in the evening to be able to leave the house. As, strong as I am (or think I am) I was held prisoner in a house by a very small key. Selah (or in plain English, go figure)

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One Response to “Who has the keys to the city”

  1. Boso said

    Oh dear. One of my biggest fears, getting locked out, but you got locked in…

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