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Want Twins, Drink Milk

Posted by Luminus on May 26, 2006

According to a study published in the Journal of
Reproductive Medicine
  mothers who drink milk are more liable to have twins. It also suggests that animal-product foodstuffs, especially dairy foods,
i.e. Milk and Milk products, can increase the chance of releasing during ovulation more than one egg, which
could lead to a double fertilization.

Find out more about that here

This reminds me of a friend I had in school who said she wants 6 kids and wants to go through birthing only twice, so in effect she wants Triplets Twice. Thanks God it was a woman that said that. Where I come from, in this day and age of Feminism and Gender Equality, if a man suggested that to his wife, she’s suggest he carry the pregnancies and we’d be hearing more about the Herstory of Huwonanity.

So, If you have a friend or relative who’s looking to have a set of twins, think Milk.

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2 Responses to “Want Twins, Drink Milk”

  1. Pete said

    I do wonder if milkshake will do? I rather like Milkshakes, so the future Mrs Pieces (should she be about!) may be having lots of those!

  2. How true?

    The difference between individuals has always been information acquisition.
    To be well informed puts you in a better stand. Thanx for the info, Luminus.

    I will defintely research this………………

    Dipo Tepede

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