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You’re never too old to chase your dreams

Posted by Luminus on May 30, 2006

Feel too old…too broke…too tired…to chase your dream? Maybe you just need a role model.
Inspire yourself here.


8 Responses to “You’re never too old to chase your dreams”

  1. Pete said

    Wow, some of those guys are amazing. Esspecially the one still doing it at 95. I hope I’m as active when I’m that old.

  2. Luminus said

    I hope we both are. But sitting most of our waking moments in front of a PC isn’t really the way to go about it now is it.

  3. Boso said

    Truly inspirational.

  4. smiley said

    Wow, that was really inspirational, wonder what I’ll be doing when I’m that old? Thanks for sharing, I’m someone who strongly believes in ‘reaching for the stars too’ :0)

  5. Luminus said

    Reach for ’em Smiley, should you miss, you sure won’t fall very far.

  6. Pete said

    Yeah, need to reach for the great outdoors more!

  7. Turtle Guy said

    Believing in yourself is so very important. It’s the foundation of our drive and motivation, isn’t it? We all too often allow others’ influence to steer us away from our focus. My hat is off to those who remain steadfast and true.

  8. Luminus said

    You can say that again Turtle Guy.

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