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Woman . . . as explained by an engineer

Posted by Luminus on June 5, 2006

This is some really interesting stuff I came across. The things you are about to see don't necessarily reflect my views or opinions, so don't call me sexist or any other Gender Sensitive name. 🙂

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6 Responses to “Woman . . . as explained by an engineer”

  1. Boso said

    Hey, I can’t see any of the pics on your blog for some reason…

  2. smiley said

    Hey I can’t see them either. Being a female engineer myself, I thought this may be interesting :0)

  3. Boso said

    ah, I’ve seen these before….

  4. smiley said

    Hmmm I guess I asked for it, but I find a major flaw in the first argument, I disagree with the first statement that women = time x money. There’s a lot more to us than that ;0)
    As for the complexity isn’t that part of our charm ;0)

  5. Luminus said

    I feel you Smiley, complexity is part of your charm and also our major headache. As for the Time x Money thing, over here it’s actually the rule.

    I know quite a number of ladies who are the exception of course, but largely that’s the way it is.

  6. […] Koottuja määritelmiä siitä miten insinööri määrittää käsitteen nainen: Woman… as explained by an engineer […]

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