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Hands free can opener

Posted by Luminus on June 6, 2006


Need a better can opener? Sharper Image is betting you do. Check out their Handsfree Can Opener.
With just a push of a button the Handsfree can open most round cans, automatically traveling around and cutting a smooth edge just below the rim, allowing you to lift the lid safely without sharp edges.

needing more juice. Best of all is that the battery-operated cordlessThe can opener runs off of two AA batteries and will open about 100 cans before design will let you use this little baby wherever you need to, in the kitchen or out on a campsite. How convenient.


9 Responses to “Hands free can opener”

  1. smiley said

    What other ‘hands free’ gadget will people think of… Well I for one am quite happy with the ‘hands on’ can opener!

  2. Luminus said

    I guess they’re just trying to make us progressively lazy. I bey if you use this for 3 months, you won’t be able to open a can without one. It’d be like yuou were an amputee or something if you couldn;t find it.

  3. The creativity should not be despised but tne relevance questioned. I see lame and the muti-tasking housewives supporting this product.

    Anyway Luminus, keep the good work going.

  4. Luminus said

    DT, true said. I agree with you about the immense possibilities it brings to disabled people. The only beef I have is that the Manufactuers aren’t even talking about it in that light.

    I got this from the Website:

    The new Handsfree Can Opener is a great gift for anyone with limited hand strength and for everyone who’s tired of two-handed twisting and jagged lids. This portable, battery-powered opener is small enough to stash in a drawer (or apron pocket), versatile enough to deal with any size can, and cordless for convenient use anywhere — all around the kitchen or out camping, too.

    Nothing about the benefits for the disabled. That would have been a big winner for me.

  5. Elohor said

    Hurray for making the stressful work of womanhood better. Hope it is affordable and not for the high and mighty. A breath of fresh air, I must say.

  6. Peter said

    This is a wonderful easy to use and fit for purpose gadget. Do you know any store that retails it in Lagos?

  7. keji smith said

    for the general public,i don’t think it makes sence.for the othjerwise enabled,it makes great man’s meat is pioson to another,don’t u think?

  8. Susan said

    From reading the posts reguarding this product, it is obvious that most of these folks have never had a family member suffer a stroke, and loose use of a hand. It is also apparant that they seldom consider anything outside of thier own self absorbed selfish self centered existence.

  9. Mary said

    Way to tell them Susan! As a 44 year old woman who has had 4 joints replaced in her right hand a her thumb fused, I saw the add on TV and started tracking one down. For a person with limited strength and mobility this is awesome.

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