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I’m back I think adn Rooney should be sanctioned

Posted by Luminus on July 7, 2006

I haven’t been blogging for a while now, so sue me, I’ve been neck deep in work while also completing plans to become a blog landlord, not that I haven’t enjoyed freeloading on, but you know how it is, I need my own space.

Anyhow, here’s what made me write up a new post. I nicked ths off of, Nfield, a blog wriiten by Dan, an Advertising Exec, which explains the spin he put on it. It was just so striking. If you didn’t see the match between England and Portugal where Wayne Rooney got sent off then you won’t get it and frankly I’m neither in the mood nor do I have the time to explain.

Check it out. You may wanna click on it to see a bigger version.

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6 Responses to “I’m back I think adn Rooney should be sanctioned”

  1. I love the Nike picture. Who is the athlete?

  2. range said

    Interesting ad.

  3. Luminus said

    Realestateceo, you obviously don’t watch a lot of soccer. That’s Wayne Rooney holding up Cristiano Ronaldo’s Head and it’s not a proper Nike ad, i suppose Nike would throw a fit if they saw this. Hopefully they won’t slap Dan with a law suit.

  4. Pete said

    Beheading is far too good for that portugese swine. Give me two paperclips, a car battery and some white wine, and I’ll make sure he gets the right treatment.

  5. Asho said

    Well, that is advertising at the climax of creativity. Only that the England team lacked creativity on the pitch.. and portugal went down with more goals than anyone would have though.

    Don keep up the good work on this blog.. i’ve been too lazy to set one up and tender it everyday… somemany websites.. too much code to tackle late at night.

  6. Luminus said

    Heye Pete,
    It’s been a while in’it? That portuguese “swine” as you called him did nothing to set Rooney off, Wayne is just a foul tempered, spoilt brat, I knew he was gonna get red carded the moment he stepped on the pitch.

    Where do you get off stepping on anyones cojonés, he was only gonna get a warning for that ‘cos the ref wasn’t too sure what happened but then he starts pushing Ronaldo, right in front of the ref, what do you expect.

    Jus so you know, I don’t hate Rooney, you know I’m a full blooded Manchester United fan, but what he did was as stupid as Zinedine Zidane’s behaviour last night, giving Materazzi a full head butt in the chest.

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