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About Me

Olumide Alabi aka Luminus

Hi. My name is Olumide Alabi but all my friend call me Luminus or Luminus Da Don (No I’m not in the Mafia). I’m a Programmer / Web Developer specialising majorly on the Microsoft .NET Platform.

I have wide and varying interests, you could say that I’m eclectic. I almost don’t have a favourite anything. I listen to all kinds of music provided they have a message that resonates with me or sound really nice, same goes for movies and a whole lot of other stuff.

I’m crazy about music though, I listen to music while doing virtually everything. I’m a budding guitarist so if you buy me a CD that has any strings in it (no shoe laces please!!!) you can be sure I’ll enjoy it.

My birthday comes up on the 10th of August every year, I would love to hit you all with my wishlists but unfortunately the sites that sell those crazy things that tickle my fancy don’t ship to Nigeria anymore (sad i’nit?). The reason is pretty obvious, increased internet fraud which is a major part of what led me to start the Jobs In Nigeria segment. I figured that 1 more person with a real job = 1 less person frustrated enough to engage in internet fraud. Sensible mathematics, don’t you think?

This blog contains general musings and ramblings about things that concern and/or interest me. I also have a section dedicated to Jobs in Nigeria to help job seekers in Nigeria with information concerning job openings as soon as I get it. Think of it as giving a li’l back to society.

I’m not really great at writing about myself so I’ll hit you up with a few more updates when I get around to properly composing my thoughts.
My japanese name is Yoshikuni Akira (good fortune country / bright).
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