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MyChi(TM) – Apparell for Athletic Enhancement

Posted by Luminus on May 26, 2006

A new line of clothing and accessories that provides acupuncture and
acupressure to specific points across the body was reported by .
This just-recently patented line of clothing developed by the New York
College of Health Professions will be used in sports to enhance an
athlete’s performance and “can also be used to reduce motion sickness,
help in weight reduction and assist in smoking cessation” says Donald
Spector, Chairman of Trustees of New York College of Health Professions
and a well-known inventor.

“Imagine it’s the ninth inning, the score tied, you are one
run up but bases are loaded with no outs. I wouldn’t want to be the
pitcher,” says Lisa Pamintuan, who years ago played at Wimbledon and
the U.S. Open and is now President of New York College, the 25-year-old
pioneering institution of Holistic Health (
“However, hopefully, our baseball cap will make situations like this a
little easier. All athletes look for ways to enhance their performance,
whether on the field or the tennis court. I wish I had worn this line
of clothing when I was playing at Wimbledon as a 16-year-old. I would
have been able to press the acupressure points in the clothing, like my
sweatbands, and I would have been able to be either energized when I
was tired, or relaxed when it was a tight match.”…

Since Acupressure is also good for relieving pain this
product will be great for the weekend warrior as well as the
professional athlete. Whether addressing young athletes or seniors this
line will have broad usage. The College also sees the line extending to
recreational sports such as golf which opens the market to brands like
Polo, Sean John, Calvin Klein and department store and mass
merchandiser brands…

The College will launch this new line of clothing and accessories under the brand name MyChi(TM)..

Check out the press release here

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Scientists harness the power of pee

Posted by Luminus on May 24, 2006

pee power A urine powered battery the size of a credit card has been invented by Singapore researchers.

A drop of urine generates 1.5 volts, the equivalent of one AA battery, says Dr Ki Bang Lee of the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology.

He says the technology could provide a disposable power source for electronic diagnostic devices that test urine and other body fluids for diseases like diabetes.

These currently need lithium batteries or external power sources. But with this system, the body fluid being tested could power the unit itself.

Lee, who reports the new battery in the latest Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, says a smaller version could potentially power mobile phones in emergencies.

How does it work ?
The battery is made of a layer of filter paper steeped in copper chloride sandwiched between strips of magnesium and copper, then laminated in plastic.

It's activated when a drop of urine is placed on the battery. The urine soaks through the paper providing the necessary conditions to generate electricity.

The magnesium acts as the battery's anode, shedding its electrons, while the copper chloride acts as the cathode, gathering them up.

This electron flow delivers power greater than 1.5 milliwatts, the researchers say.

CSIRO research physicist Dr Cathy Foley says the research is important because it raises the possibility of having a self-powered device.

She says the technology could be used in what are known as biomicroelectromechanical systems, or bioMEMS.

Examples of bioMEMs include nanomachines that seek out and destroy cancer cells or cholesterol, or DNA chips with DNA as electronic components.

The technology could also be used to power drug-testing kits, she says.

Foley says the concept could work using any body fluid including semen, blood or tears, as long as the fluid isn't neutral at pH 7.

Urine, for instance, has a range of pH 4.5 to 8.0, according to the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia.

Is it practical?
Foley says the energy generated by the urine-powered battery would be enough to keep a digital wristwatch or a scientific calculator going, but anything bigger would be impractical.

"You could probably increase the power by having more of them and loading them up," she says.

"[For power on a large scale] you'd probably have to coat the whole of Australia in this paper-based electrode and wee on it."

Now, this is a really cool one for people like me who can pee up to a whole gallon at once (don't I just wish). Charge my cell phone with urine? Whoa! now that's another good use for it other than wetting the flowers. 

Imagine thism there's an emergency, your cell phone battery is dead. What do you do? Take it out and pee on it, put it back a nd dial 911. Neat trick eh!

Now, if it could only power my laptop and all my other gizmos. 

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10 Rules for Web Startups

Posted by Luminus on May 22, 2006

I just came across this interesting peace by Evan Williams while surfing the Web. Evan is the CEO of Odeo, Inc so i guess he knows what he’s talking about.

If you’re looking at starting a Web Business, i think you should look this up evhead: Ten Rules for Web Startups

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Stole a visit to CTO

Posted by Luminus on May 19, 2006

Whoa! Don't tell nobody but I stole a visit to the ongoing CTO here in Lagos Nigeria, as a matter of fact, I'm writing this post from there. I'm a the Netcom stand and this baby is blowing my mind. The speed is mind bogglingly amazing. Pardon my expression, it's just that sometimes I need to invent the words to express my emotions.

This was the number one thing I wanted to see at the CTO, I'm still gonna look around and see a couple of things, but I just had to give props to Netcom.

I think the service is worth every red cent. It's blindingly fast and you can use it on the go. There are 2 different kits for their My Netcom service for individuals, one that works for laptops exclusively, if fits into your wireless card slot and the other that can swing it both ways using a USB connection.

They also have corporate services including VoIP,VSAT and a host of other offerings. I can't go into all that right now, gotta get to work before I get fired.

In the meantime, if you wanna know more about the CTO and all the happenings there you might wanna check out Unilag Faces, apparently, their the official bloggers for the CTO. 


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Celtel buys 65% stake in Vmobile for $1 Billion

Posted by Luminus on April 20, 2006

Nigerian Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) operator, Vmobile, may again change its name as it concludes a conditional agreement with Celtel International for Celtel to take a majority stake in the company.

Putting paid to weeks of speculations, Vmobile, in a statement endorsed by its Public Relations Manager, Mr. Emeka Opara, and released to the press in Lagos on Sunday, said the agreement, sealed on Sunday, gives a 65 per cent stake in the company to Celtel for a total consideration of around $1.005 billion (about N148 billion).

“The remaining shareholders have an option to sell their shares to Celtel at a similar valuation at a later date,” the statement said.

Major shareholders of Vmobile are Delta, Lagos and Akwa Ibom State Governments. Other shareholders are Bromley Assets Limited, Oba Otudeko, Ocean and Oil, Broad Communications and Leadway Assurance.

A pioneer mobile operator, Vmobile’s search for investment funds nearly ruined the ambition, leading to a cocktail of court cases even as it transited from Econet to Vmobile.

But lately, its fortunes have been on the rise. The company secured a hefty loan from local and international banks while pursuing an aggressive rollout programme code-named Project ROSE.

With the Nigerian mobile market exploding in terms of numbers, Celtel is one of the many companies that have made desperate attempts to partake of the pile, and is already a premier pan African mobile operator with more than nine million customers.

Celtel International is the African subsidiary of Kuwaiti telecoms giant, MTC. MTC is expected to pay the deal fee within the stipulated number of days believed to be 35 from the day the deal is struck.

Celtel’s earlier forays into Nigeria in 1998 when it was MSI Cellular Investments were unsuccessful as inconsistent policies and continuously interrupted licensing process ensured the operator could not launch operation in Nigeria

The name changed to Celtel in May 2005, when it was acquired by MTC of Kuwait for $3.4 billion. The MTC Group is a leading provider of mobile telecommunications services in the Middle East and is listed on the Kuwaiti Stock Exchange.

MTC via Celtel has been doing quite a number of buy-in in recent times one of which is the increase in its stake in Mobitel of Sudan from 39 per cent to 100 per cent.

Celtel is one of the best-known branded businesses in sub-Saharan Africa with mobile licences covering approximately one third of Africa’s population, some 270 million people.

Celtel operates mobile cellular operations in 14 countries: Burkina Faso, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Kenya, Madagascar; Malawi, Niger, Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

Vmobile Nigeria is a telecommunications company providing GSM services in Nigeria. Incorporated in 2000, the company on August 5, 2001 became the first GSM company to launch its services in Nigeria.

It currently has five million active subscribers with coverage in over 600 towns and 8000 communities across the six geopolitical zones of the country.

This smells like the beginning of a new competition with, of course, the subscribers being the major beneficiaries.

Yay! for 0802. In case you were wondering I’ve been a Vmobile subscriber since way back when they were called Econet and I can only see more reason not to switch.

Get your Blog on BlogMad Take back the Web, Get Firefox

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Google to buy dMarc Broadcasting

Posted by Luminus on January 18, 2006

Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. Google said it had agreed to buy dMarc Broadcasting Inc., a developer of digital advertising technology for radio, for 102 million dollars.(AFP/Getty Images/File/David Paul Morris) Google Inc. is continuing to expand its advertising capabilities beyond the online world, agreeing to buy a company that automatically connects advertisers with radio stations. The price could top $1.2 billion.The company, dMarc Broadcasting Inc. of Newport Beach, Calif., creates an automated platform that lets advertisers more easily schedule and deliver ads over radio and keep track of when they air. On the broadcaster side, the dMarc technology automatically schedules and places such advertising, helping stations minimize costs.

Under the deal, announced Tuesday, Google would pay dMarc at least $102 million in cash. If performance targets are met, Google would make additional payments of up to $1.14 billion over three years.

The up-front cash payment will make only a small dent in Google’s reserves. Through September, Google had $7.6 billion in cash and marketable securities, though it has since committed to making a $1 billion investment in Time Warner Inc.’s America Online unit.

Google said it plans to integrate the dMarc technology with its highly successful Google AdWords platform, in which third-party Web sites share revenues with Google for carrying the Mountain View., Calif., company’s highly profitable search ads.

“Google is committed to exploring new ways to extend targeted, measurable advertising to other forms of media,” said Tim Armstrong, Google’s vice president for advertising sales.

Already, Google has bought advertising in print publications such as tech magazines and resold chunks of the space to its online advertisers.

Google shares rose 86 cents to close at $467.11 Tuesday on the Nasdaq Stock Market.


Damn these guys are crazy and they sure as heaven know what they’re about. I’m actually looking up to these guys (among others) to perfect a business model for myself.

Look out world, here I come.

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