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I’m back I think adn Rooney should be sanctioned

Posted by Luminus on July 7, 2006

I haven’t been blogging for a while now, so sue me, I’ve been neck deep in work while also completing plans to become a blog landlord, not that I haven’t enjoyed freeloading on, but you know how it is, I need my own space.

Anyhow, here’s what made me write up a new post. I nicked ths off of, Nfield, a blog wriiten by Dan, an Advertising Exec, which explains the spin he put on it. It was just so striking. If you didn’t see the match between England and Portugal where Wayne Rooney got sent off then you won’t get it and frankly I’m neither in the mood nor do I have the time to explain.

Check it out. You may wanna click on it to see a bigger version.

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Nike sneakers communicate wirelessly with iPod Nanos

Posted by Luminus on May 24, 2006

The Nike+ running shoes contain a pedometer sensor and a wireless
transmitter that talks to a receiver you plug into your iPod Nano. You
program your workout routine (and music) into your Nano, and it
collaborates with the sensor to deliver messages like "two miles to go"
to your headphones as you go, and tracks your workout for upload to
your PC's fitness-tracking app.

I'm a little slack on my running these days and sadly, I don't own an iPod…yet (don't tell anyone, they'd wonder what kinda geek I am, well unless they intend to buy me one), It'd be a trip to see what the hardware hackers make of a wireless sensor that connects to the most popular portable player on the market.

I think it's pretty nifty, but Warren Ellis thinks different, very different.

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BBC gets wrong Guy on air

Posted by Luminus on May 24, 2006

This was something that happened way back on the 8th of May and I didn't get around to putting this post up till now.

BBC was supposed to have a live interview with Guy Kewney, a British IT Journalist, about the Apple Computer vs Apple Corps legal case. A producer went to fetch him from the reception area and mistakenly ended up with Guy Goma, a Congolese economics graduate who was waiting in a different reception area for a job interview.

Goma has since become some sort of mini-celebrity appearing on television interviews all over the place.

Apparently, his new found fame has also landed him in new found trouble. According to The Washington Times, Goma is an illegal immigrant, having overstayed his tourist Visa and may be deported.

Check out a Video clip of the interview here.

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The Intern Reality TV Show

Posted by Luminus on February 21, 2006

Some smart alecks from Surich Media House have a launched a Reality TV show called the Intern much in the mold of Donal Trump‘s The Apprentice and Sir Richard Branson‘s The Rebel Billionaire.

The INTERN TV reality show is a concept that seeks to discover, develop and groom young Nigerians interested in professional careers in the corporate sector.

To assure quality of contestants on the show, 10 applicants short listed through a diligent process of selection by Phillips Consulting, go through an intellectually demanding executive training course at the Lagos Business School.

After their training at the Lagos Business School, THE INTERNS are grouped into two teams and assigned tasks. The teams will be given tasks such as; formulating and executing business tasks and strategies for a select group of blue chip Nigerian companies.

As each week ends, two Interns with the lowest performance appraisal index (PAI) will be eliminated by votes from the judges and TV audience via SMS.

The successful intern will win a cash prize of N3m, a Brand New KIA RIO 2006 model and automatic employment with a Nigerian Company.

The first and second runner up takes home One Million Naira (N1,000, 000.00) and Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N750,000.00) respectively as well as securing automatic employment.

However all participant on THE INTERN are winners because when an intern is fired he/she is given the cash equivalent of the points earned while on the show. Besides the cash reward, the fired intern goes home with a certificate from the Lagos Business School, a brand new Omatek Laptop, a CDMA mobile phone from multi-links and an executive wardrobe.

Criteria for applying to the show
You must be

  • Between the ages of 18 – 30
  • A graduate
  • Posses less than 2 years of working experience
  • A Nigerian
  • Available for 5weeks continuously, to be able to participate on the TV Show
  • Computer literate
  • Steps to take to apply
    This application is for casting of a reality-based television show whose purpose is entertainment.

    The following eligibility requirements must be met in order to proceed with the application process:

  • You must be legally eligible to work in Nigeria and live in Nigeria.
  • You must be in excellent physical and mental health. All applicants who believe they meet our criteria, including persons with disabilities, are welcome and encouraged to apply to be a participant.
  • Those who have made it to the physical assessment stage, must be willing to travel at your own expense to be interviewed at the designated venues.
  • Neither you nor any of your immediate family members or anyone living in your household may be or
    have been within the past two (2) years employees, officers, directors or agents of any of the following:
    (a) Surich Media House or
    (b) any of the syndicating television studios.
  • Registration fee of N3,000.00 must be made prior to filling out the application form

Payment Information
Make payments at any Zenith Bank Branch in Nigeria
Account Name: The Intern Ventures
Account Number: 6011337113

Make payments at any United Bank for Africa Branch in Nigeria
Account Name: The Intern Ventures
Account Number: 03460160000037

If you meet all the above requirements and you have paid the Registration fee, follow this link and register online.

P:S: Keep your deposit slip handy as you’ll need to enter the number to prove that you’ve paid.

Good Luck!

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Eminem And Kim Try It Again

Posted by Luminus on January 18, 2006

Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III, and his ex-wife, Kimberly Mathers, have decided to give it another try. The couple got remarried on Saturday (January 14) in a small ceremony at the Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester, Michigan. reports that D12 rapper Proof was Eminem’s best man. The rapper’s publicist said, “Family and close friends were in attendance, including members of D12, 50 Cent, Obie Trice, and members of G-Unit.”

Entertainment for the reception was provided by New York-based DJ Lord Sear and the menu consisted of lobster and filet mignon. The couple plans to honeymoon later this year.

The two high school sweethearts were initially married in 1999, but by 2001 they were divorced. Following their separation, Kim Mathers was in and out of rehab as she battled a cocaine addiction. Last year, Eminem checked into a drug treatment program to deal with his own addiction to sleeping pills.

Eminem and Kim have a 10-year-old daughter named Hallie Jade, and Kim has a two-year old daughter named Whitney, from another relationship.

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Daniel Craig’s no-smoking Bond

Posted by Luminus on December 9, 2005

James Bond is locked in a battle with a new enemy – cigarettes.

Film bosses have reportedly decided new 007 Daniel Craig can’t smoke in ‘Casino Royale’ – because of the “need for Hollywood to set an example to young people”

The decision will stun fans of the original book, in which the dashing spy was a chain-smoker

It isn’t the first time producers have struggled to reconcile Ian Fleming’s book and the upcoming film

Earlier this year director Martin Campbell admitted filming a nasty torture scene – where Bond has his manhood whacked with a carpet-beater – would be difficultThe scene sees 007’s enemy, Le Chiffre, “tenderise” the hero’s private parts with a cane carpet-beater.
The episode is one of the most well-known moments in the spy thriller Bond arch in an “involuntary spasm” as the baddie tortures him – would be a challenge.

However Campbell said filming the scene – which is supposed to see He is quoted in Britain’s Daily Star newspaper as saying: “I’m still not quite sure how I’m going to film that scene”

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